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• Free Photo Editing
In this new age, digital cameras are becoming increasingly popular, however using point and shoot cameras many photos can be left under exposed, over exposed and many more problems.Here at Pixel Pro Photos we value customer satisfaction, professional skill, creativity, and affordability. One of the most time consuming task is editing and enhancing your photos. Unlike automated solutions that apply simple global fixes that often fail, we correct the problem areas of each photo - so your photos look natural and as perfect as you remember
Our team of qualified experts will help you achieve the best results for your images. Just attach your photo to an email and send it to us with your instructions. We will email you the time frame and then edit your photo according to your instructions. Remember, everything is free.
• What We Offer

Some of the most common features in editing your photos are: adding text, background change, color change, color correction, smoothing skin, lighten/darken, motion effects, add/remove persons or objects, colorization, etc. We have a passion for what we do and that is the reason we provide free photo editing. Remember we use adobe and macromedia for all projects, these are the top of the line products. If you are unfamiliar with these companies check the out at the Adobe and Macromedia web sites.

If you own a business and are looking for affordable services we also provide, flash web sites, basic web sites, logo design and more. See our sister page Pixel Pro Photos for more details.

•To Our Customers
To all our returning customers. We thank you for all of your support and hope you continue to use our services. Our site has recently undergone drastic changes and we thank you for your patients. We regret to inform all that we will now be displaying google ads. We were trying to avoid this however increasing internet costs and paying for all this bandwidth has left us no other choice. All the money that comes from the ads goes back into improving the site. By no means are we cashing in from the site's success. Each click will pay a portion of the server we and updates to our photo editing software such as the new photoshop CS2. The ads may be slightly annoying but are not that intrusive and will allow us to continue to provide the free photo editing services we are known for. For now, we hope you'll understand why we have to show these ads, and that one-day we can remove them altogether. Until then – we're sorry.

•Why We Are Different

There are many sites out there claiming they provide free photo editing. In a way it is true and on the other hand it is false. The service is only free when the task at hand is a simple fix such as red-eye reduction or very simple color corrections. Any major restoration or advanced technique is never free of charge on these web sites. This is how we are different. No service on our site will ever cost you a cent. We may have a few ads but you get the same results for zero dollars. Why would we do this free of charge? Simple. We love to do what we do best. We are not in this for the profit, it is what we enjoy, our editors do not mind spending a week on a restoration project and ending up getting paid nothing. For us it is the thrill of completing a tough project such as restoring a photo that the person has lost all four ligaments. This passion is what truly makes us different.

We use Adobe and Macromedia Products

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